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Crossline Defense offers State approved Concealed Carry Classes!

Our course is approved by the State of Illinois and covers all of the teaching requirements including the

            Conceal Carry Act, Interaction with Law Enforcement, Prohibited Areas, Judicious Use of Force, Unlawful Use of Weapons. Dry fire/Live fire Practice Drills, Drawing from Concealment and the

Shooting Qualification.

  We offer both the 16 hour class and the 8 hour class (for those who are exempt from the first 8 hours of training).  For all of the information about our classes, price and availability CLICK HERE!

Summer Training Classes Are Beginning To Fill Up!

Don't wait too long to make your training plans.  Many of these classes are limited in size.  Our new Defensive Shotgun Course is only available one date so make your plans

and register now to be guaranteed a class spot.


                                      To get details on our additional training classes CLICK HERE!

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